Cross Training

Orange County Judo Training Center is the school of choice for students and athletes who are looking to cross train in the sport and martial art of judo whether they are looking for that edge in competition or simply looking to become a well rounded martial artist.

In addition to his impressive judo resume, Sensei Juan Montenegro has studied BJJ under the tutelage of many outstanding Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu instructors and understands the sport specific needs of the BJJ athlete who is competing in gi or no­gi grappling. His world class instruction in judo has assisted some of the very biggest names and best athletes in the world of BJJ, Grappling and MMA as they prepared for important tournaments and matches.

The instruction staff at Orange County Judo Training Center has a very diverse martial arts background, in addition to their deep knowledge of judo. We understand and respect your heritage in the martial arts and look forward to working with you to fulfill whatever personal goal you have in learning judo at our facility.