Sensei Montenegro has long been a well-respected judoka. Here are just a few of the notable endorsements:

“Juan Montenegro is an outstanding technician who is grounded in the fundamentals. The very first time I saw him move and perform his techniques, I knew he was taught well. He has great rhythm which comes from years of practice. He is an instructor that I would highly recommend to kids and adults of all ages.”

-Keith Nakasone
1980 USA Judo Olympic Team Captain, multiple National Champion, and Pan American champion.
Keith has been a judo coach for the legendary SJSU Judo Team for more than two decades.
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“Juan Montenegro is a tremendous coach and judoka. I have taught and trained with Juan, and can tell you that his students are very lucky to have him as an instructor. His love for judo and dedication to teaching is reflected in his students. Its always a pleasure to see them at practices and training camps.”

-Chuck Jefferson
multiple National Champion, Pan American champion, co-author of ‘Clinch Fighting for MMA’
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“I have known Juan Montenegro since 1974. He has great judo technique, was an international competitor and he is an outstanding coach. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a judo coach in Southern California.”

-Jhonny Prado
2007 United States Olympic Committee Judo Coach of the Year,
Head Coach of the USA Judo National Training Site at North Miami.
Jhonny Prado has been selected as head coach for several
Jr. and Sr. Pan American Judo Teams, and Jr. World Teams.


“I have had the pleasure of teaching seminars with Juan Montenegro, and would recommend Juan to any potential judoka, experienced or beginner. Juan focuses on the fundamentals of good technical judo, while teaching the character building disciplines of focus, self-control and integrity.”

-Mike Swain
4x Olympian, World Champion, and 1996 USA Olympic Judo coach. Mike Swain is considered
a leading authority on the sport of judo. He is the only American that was selected as one of the
’50 Great Judo Champions’ in the book by Simon Hicks and Nicolas Soames.

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“Juan Montenegro is a four time national champion of Peru, and comes highly recommended. Orange County Judo Training Center is fortunate to have such a competent and accomplished competitor and instructor.

I would like to give Juan my best wishes in his new endeavor and hope that he can reach all of his goals in his new dojo.”

Yoshisada Yonezuka
8th Dan Kodokan, 9th Dan USJF Black Belt, 2x USA Olympic coach.

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“I highly recommend Juan Montenegro as a judo coach. His judo technique and instruction are world class. Its been an honor to train and teach with Juan. When my team trained in Southern California, it was on the mat with Juan Montenegro.”

-Melvin Magata
6x Philippines National Champion, International medallist, Trainer for Philippines National
Team 2000-2003, Philippines National Coach 2004-2006.