Kid’s Judo Program

The parental decision to invest in a martial arts program for their children is an important one. The program they choose should effectively teach their children the martial skills they want to develop, while reinforcing the values they teach at home.

Orange County Judo Training Center takes a long term approach to the development of our students. We focus on teaching the fundamentals and basics of judo to our young students in a proven system that not only develops their martial skills and increases their fitness levels, but also teaches the values of respect, discipline and self confidence.

Here are some areas of improvement parents tell us they’ve seen in their children after they’ve
enrolled in our judo program.

OC Judo Kids Fun

● Increased Fitness

● Increased Confidence

● Increased Co­ordination
● Increased Discipline
● Increased Respect
● Better Behavior
● Better Grades
● Improved Self Control
● Increased Focus
● Better Social Skills
● Self Defense Skills


Parents worldwide understand how martial arts training will help their children throughout their lives. Judo is the most popular martial art for children and is taught in the school systems of many countries. Judo is considered by many leading authorities as the absolute best martial art for children. Orange County Judo Training Center gives parents a risk free no cost/no obligation two week trial so they can make absolutely sure our program is the right one for them and their children. Contact us today at (714­) 445-­3660 or fill out the form on our website and have your child begin their path in the martial arts! Come learn why Orange County Judo Training Center is highly recommended by instructors, martial artists and most importantly OUR PARENTS for the best judo training in Southern California!


Parents Recommend OC Judo Training Center


“I highly recommend the instructors at OC Judo.  Great environment and strong technical foundation.”—AJ

“My kids love the OC Judo classes!  It has given them fitness goals and self confidence and I love to watch them each week.  The instructors are so just wonderful!” —EC