Orange County Judo Training Center is offering ongoing no-gi (combat) judo classes.  In the class, students are introduced to basic body movement and footwork, hand and leg strikes, and evasion techniques effective in a no-gi scenario.  Students learn using a variety of instruction, drills, and light sparring.  Techniques and drills will focus on applying judo throws and takedowns, joint locks, and chokes against an attacker.  Striking and evasion skills are reinforced through contact drills and training with bag work, augmented with judo takedowns and submission techniques.

Some previous martial arts experience is helpful, but not required.  Teen/Adults only.

 Saturdays 7:00 am to 8:00 am 

Equipment requirements include comfortable shirt and pants that provide unobstructed movement and personal knuckle protection                                (a mouthpiece and athletic cup are recommended).