PhylosophyThe words “Modern Training, Traditional Values” reflect our vision and encompass the judo principles of “mutual welfare and benefit” and “maximum efficiency”.  Orange County Judo Training Center believes that while training methods can always be improved upon, the traditional values that judo training develops are constant. Our approach to training is to continually educate ourselves about the latest developments in training and instruction, and employ those developments when they are consistent with the values that have been passed down to us from our heritage in the martial arts.

We believe that judo training benefits not only the individual, but society as a whole. Juan Montenegro, along with his long-term students and supporters, believe that the lessons learned on the tatami carry far more importance in the daily lives of the students than results achieved in the club and competition environment.

The dedication, commitment, rigorous training, and the need to mutually co-operate with training partners to maximize results help our student develop a positive and rewarding approach to not only judo but their daily lives.

The commitment that our supporters have extend beyond the walls of Orange County Judo Training Center. Our supporters have reached out to judo programs that we believe help not only our students, but the entire judo community.

The San Jose State University Judo Program is one of the programs that we actively support. Established more than 65 years ago, the SJSU Judo Program has not only developed international judo champions, but they have developed outstanding citizens in the world. We believe that through education, the world becomes a better place. Coach Uchida at SJSU tells his incoming students, “You’re here first for education, and second, you will learn good judo here.” The historical graduation rate of more than 90% of the judo team members is a testament to the words and philosophy of Coach Uchida. Many of his students have gone into public service, including the first Native American Senator, Ben Campbell. Several other students have gone on to very successful business careers, and SJSU judo alumni can be found contributing back to the judo community from small grass roots programs to the highest levels of state and national organizations.

Orange County Judo Training Center members are proud to not only financially support the SJSU Judo Program, but we also take pride in introducing our teenage students to the students and coaches at SJSU. We make our students aware of the educational and training opportunities available to them, should they decide to pursue their education and competitive judo training during their years attending university.

To learn more about the the SJSU Judo Program, or to support their efforts, please visit their Web site at

We believe that by mutually co-operating with partners who share our love for judo, and the advancement of the sport throughout our community, we can make a positive impact in the lives of our students and the community we share.